Safety is a primary concern for all industries


Safety is a primary concern with various industries. A proper safety gear can make the employee more productive without worrying of any accidents. With safety guidelines being updated and mandated worldwide, tracking and sourcing of right type and quality of equipments is sometimes time consuming.

Hammelmann brings to you the complete range of high quality and cost effective personal protective equipment which offers superior protection under worst circumstances.

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High Pressure Water jet Pumps, Process Pumps, Pumps Accessories


Hammelmann, the pioneer in field of high pressure pumps and process pumps brings to you the most efficient and industry leading pumps and accessories to fulfill the requirement in various industry applications.

Following a customer centric and service optimisation approach, the company emphasises on complete satisfaction of its clients and also designs customised packages to deal with specific requirements of clients. So whatever be your requirement in pumps and accessories, Hammelmann has the best solution for you.

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HAMMELMANN Airport Runway Cleaning Solutions

Airport Runway cleaning
airport-runway-cleaning1Sound proofed high pressure water vehicle specifically for the purpose of flight safety, which is employed to remove.
  • Tyre rub-off on (take-off and landing) runways
  • oil and fuel grime on aprons
  • runway markings


The various types of deployment vehicles can be equipped with a continuous adjustable hydraulic low-speed drive, marking it possible to proceed steadily even at extremely low speeds – eg, during runway marking work.
The continual increase in air traffic necessarily leads to increased tyre rub-off on runways. The danger of skidding resulting from slippery runways is familiar to airport safety experts, for which reason frictiontests are conducted regularly.
If we are to ensure the highest possible degree of safety during landing, it must become standard practice at today ́s airports toremove tyre rub-off before it
reaches the critical limit.